Earlier this month, CCL holder thwarted an attempted robbery in Detroit. This incident was caught on HD surveillance video on a Sunday night. Police identified 29-year-old Sanchez Quinn who tried to rob two men at gunpoint outside a super market. To Quinn’s surprise, he didn’t know that one of the victims had a concealed carry permit and was carrying his CCW.

One of the victims reportedly told news reporters that he turned and saw one of the “gentlemen” had a pistol aimed at his face. He was then able to knock the hand holding the weapon down and the gun discharged. He was then able to take Quinn down with three shots. Unfortunately, one of the men caught in the crossfire was the victim’s cousin, shot four times.

Both victims have remained unidentified; both the cousin and Quinn are expected to make full recoveries.

Quinn was arrested along with another person, police believe to be his partner.


The CCL holder in this case, told news that he had never been in this situation. FOX2 of Detroit wrote, “but clearly he knew what do to.” We all never hope to be in this kind of situation, but we prepare, practice, and carry to ensure that we do everything within our power to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. If the man hadn’t taken his CCW with him that day, him or his cousin could’ve likely been more than injured and robbed. They might have lost their lives. (Also, the dirtbag would’ve continued to run amuck until police could have apprehend him). If this had been me, I would take this opportunity to get some additional training. (The Lord knows there’s no such thing as too much time at the range!)

This is one of the prime examples of why we should always stay armed, friends. Stay safe out there.


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