Earlier this year in Arlington, Texas, police praised a concealed carry holder naming him a “hero” for preventing a mass murder by killing a gunman at a Zona Caliente sports bar.

Before the gun man, later identified as 38-year-old James Jones of Grand Prairie, was shot he entered the bar. According to patrons, Jones came in and began yelling “incoherently” while standing at the bar. The manager, Cesar Perez, 37 of Duncanville, was trying to talk to Jones, when the gunman fatally shot him. That’s when the patron with a CCL fired his weapon at Jones.

After Jones was struck once, he started shooting at the front door where people were trying to escape. Police are unsure whether Jones was “trying to harm others.” There were more than a dozen customers and about half a dozen employees at the time of the shooting. Only one other person was injured by glass while trying to escape.

Police spokesman Christopher Cook said, “We do believe [Jones] had the capacity to do much greater harm.” Authorities had later searched Jones after the shooting and found two loaded guns and two knifes.

Cook told news that the CCL holder was eating with his wife, “prevented further loss of life” and “we’re treating the good guy as sort of a hero.”

Every day, we go out into the world with our loved ones. This is the reason I carry every day, no matter what. The potential loss of innocent lives was great in this situation and thankfully the CCL holder was there to keep everyone else from further harm. It is unfortunate that Mr. Perez lost his life and I grieve for him and his family.

Take your weapon with you, guys. You never know when you might be elbows deep in your favorite cheese burger and a dirtbag walks in, guns blazing. Stay safe, friends.


You take your CCW with you every day, right?  When would be a case you wouldn’t?