There is a huge debate out there about 9mm Pocket Carry.

There are some that believe it is not feasible or practical to carry a 9mm in the pocket.  


When I did my Glock tests a few months ago, I also put that to the test.  

If you recall I changed my EDCs for a month to a pocket Glock 43 and a strong-side carry Glock 23.

Then I switched to a Glock 19 for strong-side carry and would shove a Glock 42 in my pocket.


After the experiment, I switched back to my XDs I would normally carry.

I loved the Glock 43 so much that I put in my EDC lineup. Switching between the G43 and the XDs.

Sometimes I carry both.

I will strong-side carry my XDs and slip my Glock in my pocket and vice-versa.


Here is a list of a few of the top Pocket Carry 9s

Glock 26/27
*Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
Sig Sauer P220/P250
Kahr PM9
Smith & Wesson J-Frame
Beretta PX4 Storm- Compact
Ruger LCR
* Springfield Armory XDs
Taurus PT111 G2
Walther PPS
Taurus M85
*Glock 43
Ruger SR9C
Beretta Nano
Walther CCP
*My personal 9mm Pocket preferences.

Notice, not all of these are single stack 9mm pistols.
They are also not all semi-autos.

It is possible, effective, and feasible to pocket carry a 9mm pistol. Especially depending on how you holster it and how deep your pockets are.


Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.