Last week, at Great Mills High School around 7:50 in the morning, approximately sixty miles outside of D.C., a 17-year-old identified as Austin Wyatt Rollins, opened fire on his classmates. He unfortunately injured two students. However, before Rollins could cause more harm, School Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill intervened.

The whole exchange lasted no longer than a minute.

The two engaged, resulting in an exchange of one shot each. Rollins’ shot missed, but Officer Gaskill’s shot did not.

County Sheriff Tim Cameron Rollins fired a Glock 9mm pistol at the two victims.

Rollins died at the scene from his wound. The male victim was transported to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Center. The female victim was taken to University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital center where she was last reported as battling life-threatening injuries. Later investigation indicated that there was a previous relationship between the female victim and Rollins.

Governor Larry Hogan stated on Gaskill: “While it’s still tragic, he may have saved other people’s lives.”

Later, when investigators went to Rollins’ residence, no one answered the door.



Lately we have been reading and seeing massive amounts of media coverage on shootings occurring at schools. I can’t say enough good things about the actions taken by the school resource officer in this case.

According to the report, Officer Gaskill had been with the force for six years after four as a correctional officer. Sheriff Cameron praised Gaskill for responding quickly, and that all his deputies and officers are tried to respond to an active-shooter situation as a single officer.

It is my opinion that the rest of the U.S. should follow suit, as this training has the potential to greatly lessen the possible loss of life. Again, this officer saved countless lives, had the shooter not been stopped.



What do you think, should SRO’s be trained in this manner?