When you leave your house, what do you take with you?

The obvious ones are keys, wallet, and phone.

If you are reading this article, I hope you have your EDC gun with you too.

What I want to focus on are the more unorthodox items you should carry at all times.

My EDC load-out is:

  • Primary firearm at my 4:30

  • A backup gun- highly concealed

  • A knife

  • A flashlight

  • I always have a pen and a notepad. Regardless of what I am wearing


Show of hands, who has seen a horror movie?

Figured as much, and how often does the person’s phone die when they get lost in the middle of nowhere?

How about when a GPS can’t get an accurate reading where they are.

Let’s go to the creepy, abandoned shack in the woods and ask for directions.

This is where the possession of a map and the knowledge of how to use it would be beneficial.

It doesn’t even have to be on you, but I encourage you have access to one (perhaps in your glove box).

It is better to have it and not need it, than not have it and get slashed to bits by whatever is lurking in the middle of nowhere.


A knife is one of the greatest inventions for personal defense ever.

True, it is not a gun and you would have to be closer to use it.

In most situations, you can carry a knife where you can’t carry a gun.

A knife, regardless of the style, does not need to be reloaded.

If you can’t carry a gun, a knife is a good backup.

Even if you do have a gun, a knife is always a beneficial addition to your load-out.


Most people can get away with this one because we have flashlights on our cell phones now.

Again I ask, what if your phone dies?

In addition, small tactical lights can be many times brighter than a phone light. Some of these lights have strobe functions too. This can disorient an attacker and make it harder for someone to pinpoint your position.

Spare Magazines

This gets a lot of debate, so I won’t stay on this too long.

Some say “a single-stack with a strong caliber is all you need.

Others say “a smaller caliber double-stack with a spare extended magazine in a concealed magazine holster is better for personal defense

I agree with both points of view.

I don’t always carry one. However, I like having the option of spare magazines on my side when driving to the city (or other situations that might be more dangerous).

Finally, the most important (besides the firearm, of course) in my honest personal opinion.

Pen and Paper

Don’t laugh.

You can scribble something on an envelope or a receipt so many times, before you invest in a sturdy pocket notepad.

I dare you to call me out on this, I almost always have a Samsill Compact Folio Notepad and a pen.

—Except today, I ran out of paper and have to buy a new one—

You can buy them at most office supply stores and they don’t cost much.

There you go, that is my EDC load-out for most occasions.

What’s your EDC load-out?

Comment below and let me know.