We have all seen the Old Western movies, where the reluctant hero (Eastwood or Wayne) has a showdown at High Noon and whips out his 6 shot and drops the bad guy.

The crowd cheers, and the little boy in his mom’s arms stares at the revolver and smiles.

As if to say, “I am getting one of those, when I grow up.”

Well, this isn’t the movies.

And to be honest, kids don’t marvel the classics the way we used to.

I spoke a couple months ago about my friend and his 9 year old, now the boy is 10, and this is exactly what happened.

We took him to a local gun show and these were his reactions.

We showed him both, a Colt Judge and a Colt Peacemaker long barrel.

He yawned and walked away from the table.

We followed him to a booth with an AK-47, and his jaw bounced off the floor.

He couldn’t care less about the Colt classics, instead he wanted to stare at the AK.

Whereas my buddy and I were practically drooling over the Colts.


So, when people ask if revolvers are still relevant I do not know how to respond anymore.


I would say that a good .44 is a good choice for home defense.

When it comes to CC however, I can’t see myself abandoning my XDs or my Glock 43.

I hate to say it, but unless there is a miracle breakthrough in revolver technology in the future, the revolver has seen its day.

Semi-Autos are getting way too good for them to be outshined by a revolver again.

There are a few out there that are good for pocket like Smith & Wesson J Frame and Ruger’s LCR.


Do you carry a revolver?

Do you think that revolvers can make a comeback?

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.