1. Get Yourself to the Range

You can never get enough range time and if you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t got some trigger time this month. Probably not even last month. I get it, you have a life and responsibilities—but you also should take the time to improve your accuracy, and pistol draw speed. Before you read the rest of this, I want to add that one of the best things you can do to get to be a better marksman is to put in the time. The more rounds you put through your gun, the better you’re going to get. Practice reloading; practice drawing, then firing; practice taking cover; practice, practice, practice.

2. Stance

The NRA’s Shooting Illustrated posted an article outlining the five different stances. These include: the Weaver, the Chapman, the Power Isosceles, the Power Point, and the Strong-Hand Retention. If you’ve already been practicing one, it won’t hurt to add another to your arsenal. One might be more useful than the other.

3. Practice with a Different Pistol

Sometimes changing weapons can make all the difference—less recoil, a heavier weapon, thinner grips—between being accurate and fast, rather than not. Besides, you might even get another gun out of the deal (and who isn’t trying to find an excuse to get another pistol!?) and added bonus: you’ll be more versatile.

4. Change Up Your Targets

Shooting at man-size targets from 5-8 yards isn’t doing you any good. Rarely are you going to encounter a situation like that. Practice using cover, at varying distances. Use jumping or moving targets—or even try balloons and soda cans. Just remember to clean up before heading home.

5.Take another Skilled Shooter or Take a Refresher Course

Getting a second pair of eyes on your stance, your grip, etc. will help you figure out things you can’t see yourself. Our bosses send us to seminars and talks to help keep us fresh in our fields, so why not do the same for our shooting? There’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion—ever. Just remember to listen to the instructor or skilled shooter. They’re going to remind you of things you already know, but they may teach you something new. Keep an open mind.



Got any other tips or strategies to add to this list?