We all know as carriers (concealed and open) there are some places we can not go with a firearm. I am not going to drone on about all the places, we know what and where they are.

There remains a very important issue we should consider before we get out of our cars.

Where do I put my gun”?

Some prefer a less secure option such as; under the seat, in a glove compartment, and in the center console.

I even know a few people who have developed little hiding spots.

For example, I have a friend that had a Ford Ranger and he would pop his dash off and store his gun behind the air vents.

There are more secure options such as having a safe in your vehicle.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 reasons to have a safe in your vehicle.

  1. Safes are not made for guns only.

    • You can use it for normal things as well. You can store jewelry, important documents, even extra money that may not fit in your wallet or purse.

    • It is a great storage space for extra ammunition, either in a magazine or in ammunition boxes.

  2. You can bolt it down.

    • A lot of safes come with mounting brackets for a vehicle. Be careful where you mount it though, you do not want to void your warranty if you have one.

    • It comes down to personal preference, whether you want it to be portable or stationary.

      • Portable can also mean easily stolen if your vehicle is broken into.

  3. A strong benefit of having a vehicle safe is the same as any other safe- you can lock it.

    • Ensure that the safe is easily accessible and can be unlocked quickly. That way if you are using it to hold your gun and you need it, it is right there.

    • There are 3 primary locking functions on a gun safe.

      • Biometrics- Uses a fingerprint or a hand scanner.

        • Usually is more expensive.

      • Combination

      • Key- An oldie but a goodie

  4. Easy to travel with.

    • If you are crossing state lines, not all states recognize each others licenses to carry. We do not have a universal license yet.

  5. Some states require a safe to transport a firearm. So it is a good idea to have one, just in case.

Having a safe to store valuables or a gun can be useful.

Whether you store it in a safe or you shove it in a glove box; stash it in a center console or even the dashboard of a Ford Ranger, just consider the following when leaving a gun in your car…

  • Is it easily accessible?

  • Is it secure?

  • Am I obeying the law?

Do you have a safe in your car?

Do you put your gun in it? If not, where do you keep your guns?

Let us know in the comments.