Everyone who carries a firearm, whether at the range or concealed in their daily lives, knows you can never have enough ammunition.

If you do carry a spare magazine or two, here are some tips to speed up the reloading process and hopefully not cause misfires.

1. Ensure the Chamber is Empty

Most firearms lock to the rear when the last round is discharged, although there are a few that do not. If that is the case, make sure you count your rounds, press check your weapon, and lock the weapon to the rear when you are sure the chamber is empty.

2. Drop the Empty Magazine

It sounds simple, but in the heat of the moment and adrenaline pumping, I have seen footage of people attempting to reload and forgetting there is an empty magazine already in the well.

The way most firearms are designed the magazine release switch is either ambidextrous or on the left side of the frame behind the trigger guard.

3. Draw Your New Magazine

If you are physically capable you should never, ever take your firing hand off of the gun unless you are prepared to reholster the weapon.

Use your weak hand to reach for the magazine.

If you are prepared accurately, the magazine will be either in your pocket on the weak side, cross-body holstered in the appendix area of the weak side, or on the table in front of you- towards your weak side.

Again, if you have to take your firing hand off of the weapon- you are doing it wrong.

4. Be Smooth

Grasp the fresh magazine, with bullets facing outward and your index finger on the front side, turn your wrist inward, and the fresh magazine should be lined up with the magazine well.

5. Don’t be too rough

Push the magazine into the magazine well.

I understand that there is a speed factor at play, but there is a difference between pushing the magazine in quickly and slamming the magazine.

Slamming the mag can cause the round to unseat, causing it to chamber at an angle, resulting in a potential misfire or malfunction.

When you feel a bit of resistance, apply more pressure and listen for the click.

There will be an audible, noticeable click when the new magazine is fully seated. With certain hearing protection, you may not hear it, but you may feel it.

If there is no click and you release the forward slide, thinking a round is chambered, the vibration could cause the new magazine to fall out. Now you have to pick up a magazine.

Not very effective or efficient.

The weapon is now loaded. 

Activate the forward slide release, and the weapon will be charged and the next round will be chambered.

You are now ready to let some more rounds fly.