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There are so many pistols on the market. In many different shapes and sizes. There is compact, subcompact, ultra compact; single-stacked, double-stacked, even striker-fired vs hammer-fired. It is enough to make any gun buyer get dizzy.

Some people are choosing not to ride the Mary-Go-Round. They are choosing to revisit the firearms of old.

Let’s take a look at five of the best 1911 style pistols that are reliable, dependable, and low-cost.

Colt 1991Colt 1991

The Colt 1991 is the direct descendant of the Colt 1911 that we all know and love.

The 1991 boasts a long trigger. The housing and recoil system remain the same as your granddaddy’s war gun.

There are some updates such as white dot sights and a lower ejection port to increase reliability.

It costs around $700.

Rock Island Armory GI Standard 1911


The M1911 GI Standard is a modern version of the original GI combat issued 1911.

The Standard has fixed, low-profile sights and a slim design.

Like most Rock Island GI pistols there is a smooth 5lb trigger and an audible rapid reset.

It costs around $400.

Springfield EMP



Springfield Armory is a master in cutting-edge technology, but sometimes looking in the rear-view can be a good thing.

They saw the time-honored 1911 and improved it.

The Springfield Armory Enhanced Micro Pistol.

I like to call it the Every Man’s Pistol because everyone should have the chance to get their hands on this beauty.

Don’t let the sleek exterior fool you, this beauty can be a beast at the range.

The EMP has a capacity of 8+1.

It isn’t exactly value-priced at approximately $800.

The reason I put it on this list is that that investment can go a long way with the EMP.

Taurus PT1911



The Taurus PT1911 is the 1911 that other modern1911s are sized up to. Taurus boasts a hammer-forged, not cast steel frames, slides, and barrels.

The PT1911 cost only $450.

Remington 1911



The Remington 1911 R1 is the classic that won’t die. In a good way. Remington is a gun manufacturer that was founded in 1816.

Their guns have been mounted above kitchen doors for over seven generations. Now you can find it in your holster.

The Remington 1911 is a time-tested and time-honored piece of machinery you can carry daily.

It costs around $475.

As you can see there are options when it comes to 1911s. They don’t all have to be the old war dog, they can be elegant and modern,

They can also be low-cost.

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.