There are many ways that a person can carry a firearm concealed.

There is one way that is especially dangerous though, and that is through off-body carry.

Off body carry is when you carry in a purse, briefcase, or a bag of some kind.


Lack of tactical advantage.

There is a certain tactical advantage with having a gun mounted to your hip that is not present when you have to reach in a purse or open a briefcase.

Even with all the weapon presentation training you can do, you will probably still be slower on the draw than someone with it in a IWB, OWB, or pocket holster.

So, if in a hostile situation, having to put a purse or briefcase down and open it. Those precious seconds could put you at a lethal disadvantage.


Possibility of misplacing it.

If you are the type of person that can be absent-minded, off-body carry will not be your friend.

Do you misplace your keys, phone, or wallet often?

Chances are that you will set your purse or briefcase down somewhere and forget it.

I speak from experience, I am notorious for leaving stuff lying around. That is exactly why I keep my gun on my 4:30. I would probably lose my head if it wasn’t attached..

The fact that you could easily lose it is dangerous because someone else could find it.


Not easily accessible.

Okay, you are at lunch with some colleagues and some dope gets the bright idea of trying to rob the place. He turns and points a knife at you, what are you going to do?

Neutralize the threat, right? Well there is one problem. Your gun is in a locked briefcase under your chair.

Need I say more?


Forget that it is there.

When I say you will forget that it is there, I mean that you may carry your purse in a Gun-Free Zone accidentally.

Let me explain..

You have a kid in fill-in-the-blank club at school.

Traffic made you show up at whatever event late. You rush inside the school, forgetting to take the gun out of your purse or briefcase.

98% of the time, it is an honest mistake and no one would notice.

But what if they do…


It is possible, I have seen it happen before.

That is why I included it. Not so much dangerous as irresponsible.

If the wrong person sees it, then it could become dangerous for you or those around you.


There is a reason why I always push concealment holsters on here.  

They are a sure way you can always

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.


By the way, the reason I chose that picture, if you do not know.

John Malkovich’s character has a Smith & Wesson Model 460V revolver in the plush pig.