Everyone who takes a Concealed Carry course understands that you have to be ready for any potential threat.

That is after all why we carry.

I have a question though…

What do you do if you aren’t able to reach your gun?

What if you have it, but you can’t use it?

Any of you who read this on a regular basis, know that I highly advise learning how to defend yourself. When I say that, I do not mean instigating a physical altercation. I am saying defend yourself. Just like you would with a gun.

For defensive purposes only.

You are not trying to win a fight. The goal is to neutralize the assailant as quickly as possible to prevent yourself or others from getting hurt.

I am neither a self-defense instructor nor a martial artist, but I do know how to defend myself and my family.

No matter how that may be, (primary gun, backup gun, a knife, or my fists) it is always my goal to walk away from the situation safely.

This post is not about teaching you how to fight, it is my attempt to stress the importance of learning non-lethal ways of defending yourself if the need arises.

I have three (3) primary reasons.

You may not have access to your gun.

If you are in a school or a bank, obviously you won’t have your gun.

What will you do if you are in a “Gun Free Zone” but find yourself in danger?

Your first instinct should always be to escape from danger. If you do not know self-defense then get the heck out of dodge. I understand fight or flight, but if you can’t fight- Fly birdie fly.

Unless your life (or someone you care about) is directly threatened, you should escape from danger at all costs.

Don’t be a hero. This isn’t Die Hard, no one is attacking Nakatomi Plaza. This is real life, with real danger.

I understand we train for situations like this, but if you can’t do anything without a gun… You see my point?


What if you have the wrong holster and lose your gun?

The assailant is already getting physical, and you find yourself on the ground. You begin to draw your weapon.

Where is it? It’s not in the holster!

What do I do now?

Well, this is a good time to reach for your backup or your knife.

Don’t have those either? Hmm….

There is no need for lethal action.

Okay, you have your gun. You are at a party.

Let me preface this scenario by saying, I do not partake.

I have been to parties though and there is three type of personalities that you see come out when others are drunk.

The ‘best friend’, the ‘flirt’, and the ‘fighter’

The fighter is the one you have to worry about.

If they begin to get physical, immobilize them or incapacitate them.

There’s no need to draw your weapon on someone just because they can’t hold their liquor.

Collateral Damage

What happens when you have your gun, but drawing it is more dangerous than not.

A key fundamental of shooting is always knowing what is beyond your target.

Another thing,

If there are multiple assailants or the assailant is so close that you cannot draw your weapon, it is beneficial to neutralize the situation quickly.

Pro Tip


Sometimes, knowing how to defend yourself is the best way to

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.