The 2016 Shot Show was a success for concealed carry. While the selection was few, the ones that were revealed and re-released are awesome. I can’t tell you everything I saw, there was far too much.

Kid in a candy store ring a bell?

Okay so, when it came to handguns there were about 5 but I would like to focus on 2.

The other 3 were re-releases from either a recall or just a new ‘generation’ (looking at you Glock).

In no particular order, just the way I wrote them down.

The Ruger American Pistol (RAP)



Not what most would classify as a concealed carry pistol, but as I always say,

“any pistol can be concealable with the right concealment holster”


The RAP is 7.5 inches long (4.2 inches of which are the barrel), 5.6 inches tall, and just over an inch wide.

The grip is extremely comfortable, the front strap is stippled with finger grooves that allow your hands to embrace it fully.

The controls are easily accessible from either side.

The RAP is a center-fired double-stacked semi-automatic pistol. It can hold 18 rounds at a 17+1 capacity.

It has a short trigger and a smooth reset for follow-up shots, you may not need that many.

Kimber K6s Revolver





The K6s is a stainless steel snub-nosed, small-frame 6-shot revolver chambered. It is the first success of a small frame revolver with a larger capacity since the Colt Detective Special.

Unlike most concealable revolvers, Kimber has not equipped the K6s with fixed sights. Instead, the K6s has adjustable sights.

The front is held in place with a pin and the rear sight is a dovetail, similar to most modern semi-auto sights. The stock sights are a low-profile black, but aftermarket upgrades will soon be available.

The K6s is a behemoth revolver in a very small frame. Perfect for concealment, ideal for shooting.

Carry Smart.

Carry Concealed.